Would you like to make a reservation? We greatly appreciate that!
This is possible through our reservation system below. We are reachable by phone on 06-51843270.

A few modifications because of the current guidelines:


Want to come but haven't made a reservation yet? 
Calls us! We would like to think along with you to find a suitable solution. 

You can book with us for the following time periods:

Between 14:00 and 17:00
In the afternoon you can sit on the terrace or inside to enjoy our small menu. 

Between 17:30 and 19:45
This time period is for the first dinner shift. We would like to surprise you with a menu of 3, 4 or 5 rounds. 



From 20:00 until closing
We appreciate it very much if the slower eating connoisseurs enjoy these moments with us for a long and slow dinner. 

You can make a reservation for 2 people or with people from your own household. 
Please keep in mind that we have limited seating for more than 2 people together. 

Before your reservation we will ask a few health-related questions. 
These will be repeated on arrival. This way we can pleasantly welcome you and your company. 


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Date *:

Time *:
Remarks for time:

Number of persons *:

when booking with more than 2 people, it is an obligation to jointly form a household.
Table seating *:
Inside/Outside *:
COVID-19 Related complaints
• Have you had one or more of these complaints (within the past 24 hours)?
• Do you currently have a roommate with a fever and / or shortness of breath?
• Have you had the new coronavirus and has it been diagnosed in the past 7 days (in a lab)?
• Do you have a roommate / family member with the new coronavirus and have you had contact with him / her in the past 14 days while he / she still had complaints?
• Are you in quarantine because you have had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the new corona virus?